Sunday, June 20, 2010

woolly invasion

I spent a few days lusting after a much-out-of-my-budget rug [see post below] but got over it quickly. And I moved on and found something that doesn't cost almost as much as half a year's worth of my mortgage.

As you can see, I'm not the only one happy about my new living-room decoration. I think Tipper's convinced I bought the rug specifically just for him. First, it's wool. He loves wool (to point of once unstuffing a wool blanket I had). And if its material structure weren't enough, it also smells unquestionably like a sheep. I suppose this would seem obvious, but I never imagined when I ordered a wool rug that my living room would send my olfactory nerves back to my parents' farm. Neither did it ever cross my mind that the new floor cover would provide adequate camouflage opportunity for him. He literally blends right in with the rug, like someone sheared him to make the rug. Of course, since he's somewhat claimed it as his new 5 x 8-size bed, he often smells like a sheep, too.

In conclusion, I LOVE LOVE LOVE my new rug (I'm lying on it as I type this), and if Tipper ever goes missing, I know where to go looking for him.


  1. I love it! And it looks like Tipper does too! lol He looks so happy on that rug, as though you got it just for him.

  2. Awesome pictures - lucky dog!