Tuesday, June 8, 2010

update of the craziness

Here's a small recap of all the carouselling we've been doing on the fun side of Life's merry-go-round.

Warrior Dash: May 23
Included scaling ropes,
navigating a car junk yard,
slithering through a mud pit
and hurdling fire

Oh yeah. And getting filthy.

And (below) on Memorial Day at the lake
Because really...
who couldn't see the opportunity to turn a steep rock into a playground?

Then this past weekend, we carted our bikes, running shoes, goggles and fannies up to North Carolina with my family (try 4 people and 2 dogs in a Jetta wagon for 8 hours) for an Olympic-distance triathlon. It wasn't half as dirty as the Warrior Dash or nearly as creative as our kayak slide, but it was fun, and we enjoyed it. Maybe because we all broke personal records, and George & I took first in our age groups. Maybe because we're all a little insane. Maybe both. :)

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