Wednesday, March 31, 2010

"dunder mifflin. this is....BRITNI"

I'm now a part-time receptionist. Ok, so it's not for the infamous Dunder Mifflin. But then, I told them I didn't want to move to Scranton, Pennsylvania, when they offered me that position.

In actuality, I took the real job offered me at the Georgia-Cumberland Conference. Today is my first day. Eeep! I'm excited about this.

Friday, March 26, 2010

a sublime disaster

You'll be enamored. I promise.

unexpected beauty

I totally stole this from a friend's blog, but that's what sharing is all about.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

pendulum swings

My last post featured a photo of me up a tree and the story of how I found myself in a place I would otherwise assign to squirrels, raccoons and other woodland creatures. (See...I am not a woodland creature.) Despite my visible apprehension about inch-worming my way 50 feet up a backyard tree, I've now swung (Tarzan & Jane style) to the other side of the pendulum and set my sights on new heights. In short:

I desperately want to be one of the suspended silhouettes in this poster. This new dream is the result of my inquiring of an every-day climber "How exactly do you sleep 60 feet up?" (He had suggested the prospect of such elemental slumber on a future camping trip.) So now, a mere week after anxiously making my first barky ascent, I'm fantasizing of dreaming inside a hanging canopy, sublimely suspended mid-air from the middle of a sturdy branch.

Sweet dreams!